Vizus Products

Vizus Monolit

The interior door system Vizus Monolit is distinctive for its unique design. It includes solutions of several key interior details, allowing fitting of single sash and double sash doors with or without the top light.

Vizus LS ATHi

Large sliding doors are a logical consequence of the development of modern architecture. The desire to progressively expose the interior space to the exterior ambient while preserving comfort has resulted in presenting the new design tasks to the window and door designers.

Vizus AT+sun control

Vizus finds the solution in integrating the shading system into the window system by designing Vizus AT + sun control.

Vizus Pasiv

Composite window system with inward opening, characterized by extremely pronounced resistant properties.

Vizus 90

Vizus 90 is a set of two composite systems of aluminum and aluminum-wood, whose performances render them a high class of aluminum joinery.