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Privacy policy

We would like to inform the users of the web page www.vizus.rs that Vizus does not collect personal data. Also, we would like to inform the users of our web page who leave their personal data that those data are being processed in order of the policies which included invalid regulations of the RS and in the Personal data protection policy Vizus d.o.o. Niš.

The data that is collected through the contact form Vizus will be used as a use of informing the user about our offer and answering the inquiry, in the time that is needed to accomplish the purpose. Important information about the processing system of personal data is subjected in a file of The information of the processing system of personal data (Personal data protection policy). By pressing Send, the user gives permission to proceed with the process of personal data in the way mentioned above.

We protect the confidentiality of data by taking certain technical measures so we can secure it from any type of obliteration.
Vizus proceeds personal data as much as needed to complete the process, and they are kept as long as it takes to complete the process, except when the law inquires to keep them longer.

Vizus doo Niš is not responsible for protecting personal data which is used on web pages which You are able to enter through this web page.

Cookie Policy

Our web page uses cookies. A cookie is a text file that is saved on Your computer or mobile phone and that allows recognition of the user who has already been on the page and for following and analyzing in the intention of better working of the page. Web pages use cookies so they can recognize what did You do on it at a certain time and what are Your options in terms of displaying features.

Cookies help us to see if You are having some difficulties using our web page. They also help us to adjust our offers to Your needs. Personal data in this case are not saved, so the information is not able to be used as personal identification. If You do not want to accept the cookie to be saved on Your computer, You need to disable cookies for www.vizus.rs on Your web browser. The cookies You have saved before can be deleted from Your browser.

What type of cookies does this web page use?

1. Necessary cookies

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of our web page. They provide us to analyse the web page and they use its abilities, such as secure aces to particular areas.

2. Performance cookies

Performance cookies are used for collecting data about how You use www.vizus.rs, which pages You mostly visit on our site and do You get any feedback about an error. This data proceeds with the Google Analytics platform.

3. Advertising and statistic cookies

This type of cookie we use for advertising and sending the information which is necessary for Your interests.

We can use them in certain ways:
Delivering ads/offers
Analyzing the success of our marketing channels
Determining the effectiveness of digital marketing channels and encouraging other websites and related entities to redirect to our website.

4. Data processing about the statistics of the page

We use cookies for data processing about the statistics of the page for detecting technical problems which can appear while You are using our website.

Based on the collected data from these cookies, we can answer questions and tasks and also improve the service we offer on the page. This data proceeds with the Google Analytics platform.

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