Interior doors The main characteristic of interior doors Compo is their door frame, which contains the compensation element. This door frame covers the whole wall thickness and consists of three parts: the outer aluminum profile, visible width of 70mm, inner aluminum profile, visible width of 58mm, and a compensation element, which is accepted by these two profiles. The width of the compensatory element is determined by the thickness of the wall, while the material from which it is made can be aluminum sheet - the same treatment as all aluminum profiles in the doors, MDF, veneered MDF or non-transparent, tempered glass. Door casement can be: - frame made of aluminum profiles of 42mm of thickness and visible width of 68mm, which is single glazed of 6mm thickness. - double glued in the final treatment of MDF or veneered MDF. The doors are equipped with magnetic lock by AGB German manufacturer. The door lock can be fitted with a cylinder lock. Doorknob is selected by the customer from the offers available on the market. Opening the door is enabled via a cylindrical, stainless steel hinges, which are placed laterally in the vertical gap between casement and frame.