AT 96

Aluminum-timber windows and balcony doors with inward opening This composite window is constructed of structural aluminum profiles with thermal break and lining of solid timber on the interior side. The base thickness is 96.5mm. Central seal doubled in the zone of thermal insulation of windows. Fitting gutters are placed on aluminum, thermally defended profiles. Window glazing system provides a set of 1 + 2, which allows integrated installation of venetian blinds in the space between the outer and insulating glass, maximum width of lamellas 15mm. Curtain controls are located on the inside of the window casement providing all blind functions. Maintenance can be carried out by opening the outer glazing (in the open position) on a sash to sash system. Timber linings, made of industrially assembled frameworks, with their flawless production and surface treatment, are a major contribution to the comfort and warmth of the interior.
The standard offer includes:
  • Aluminum
  • Timber
  • Fittings
  • Glass
  • Allowed
  • Blinds
  • anodized in silver-matt or coated in RAL 9016 (white)
    Options: anodizing or coating of your choice.
  • Oak stained to customer’s choice with a final layer of lacquer to give the required gloss level.
  • MACO, SIEGENIA or similar with visible hinges
  • Glass by choice regarding thickness, quality, color and reflection.
  • Determined according to the diagram and dependent upon the type of construction and fittings.
  • Venetian blinds with inside controls. Width of lamellas 16mm
  • fixed glazing
  • single casement
    window and balcony door
  • two-part
    window and balcony door